38€ Box - Calçotada Sant Jordi!


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Taste Barcelona's Secret Tradition

Spring is a time of hope and rebirth. In Barcelona and the entire surrounding region of Catalunya, that symbolic fresh start is celebrated with a calçotada, a joyous, messy outdoor feast of grilled sweet green onions called calçots, dipped in a thick and nutty Romesco sauce with a kick and washed down with red wine streamed directly to your mouth from a porrón pitcher held high in the air.

Give away calçots

Surprise them with a happy Onion Party of calçots, sauce and bib.

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Food Feast At Your Home

Spice up your weekend

Choose a day to bring a great plan for everyone at your place.

All ready for a great day

Choose the plan that best fits your plan. We have plans for 5, 10, or 20 people.

Add Fun Extras

Make easier by adding the perfect wood to cook the Calçots. Take a porró and make it funnier to share the drinks.

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Home-Kit Contents

Happy Onions

Calçots ready to bring a fun day to your garden. Get together and start a fire—the unique onion sprout with a sweet and delicate taste, so unique that they will enjoy it. Calçots are shipped clean and packed in bundles of 25 units.


Catalan fishers first cooked up romesco to season their catch, but it’s since been adapted as the perfect accompaniment for calçots.

Almonds, garlic, hazelnuts, olive oil (preferably from arbequina olives), tomatoes, sweet, hot red peppers, and parsley are traditional ingredients of the calçot dipping sauce.

Fun Extras

Preparing your perfect Calçotada will very easy. Following our instructions guide. Eat the Calçots with enthusiasm with your hands using our bibes.

Make it more comfortable and fun. The Vine Prunnings make the perfect fire for the Calçots. The porró is ideal for sharing the wine while cooking the Calçots.