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Our Mission

Enjoying a Calçotada goes beyond just having a regular meal; it is a social moment of collective enjoyment. We make that finding your next Calçotada becomes more accessible than ever by offering in-restaurant and in-home Calçotada experiences.

Our Story

In 2014 we discovered that many people miss a lot to enjoy this tradition. We would never have guessed if the founder, Julià Delos, had never brought it to Eindhoven. What started with organizing a Calçotada for five people turned into a 100 people familiar festival. After three years, we grew to more than 500 visitors that came specifically to eat a Calçotada.

Half of our visitors were expatriates from Catalonia, so enjoying a Calçotada in the Netherlands was special. They could get connected to their homeland, so it was emotional for them! Surprisingly, the other half of the visitors were not Catalans, but they had the chance to try Calçots before, and they loved me too.

After years of organizing Calçotadas, there was one thing that all attendants asked:

Please Do It Again!

This claim defines our mission to make people happy by letting them have a Calçotada every year again.